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5 Ideas for Dogs at Weddings

More and more couples are choosing to include their dog in their wedding. After all, a dog is a member of the family, so why not include your dog in your wedding? Here are some ideas for dogs at weddings, including how to care for dogs at weddings, how to incorporate your dog into your wedding and how to dress your dog for your wedding!

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Is your wedding venue dog-friendly?

If you are thinking of having your dog at your wedding, you need to first check with the venue. Some venues are dog friendly and others aren't, so it's best to check before you start planning how to have your dog at your wedding! If your venue are happy to have your furry friend there for the day, make sure you take your dog for a look round beforehand, so they can get used to the sights and smells there. Put together a plan for your dog, including somewhere quiet for them to rest if it all gets a bit much for them. Be sure to leave a bowl of water and some treats in an easily accessible place for your dog. You might want to put a plan in place for if they start barking or becoming unsettled during the ceremony - make sure someone can take them out if they need to escape! This leads me nicely onto the next point...


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Do you need a dogsitter?

Consider a dogsitter for the day to free you up to enjoy yourself. Dogsitters often provide a range of services, and can either look after your dog for the day and bring them to your drinks reception, or be there during your wedding day to look after your pet for you. Having someone there to make sure your dog feels safe and secure will be a weight off your mind, and you'll know that your dog is being well taken care of.

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What role will your dog play during your wedding?

Will your dog be the ring bearer? Will they be an extra groomsman or bridesmaid? Will they walk you down the aisle? Knowing your dog and its temperament will give you an idea as to the role your dog can play in your wedding.


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What will your dog wear at your wedding? 

Whilst a dog in a bow tie is all kinds of adorable, it's important to think of safety over style. Make sure any items that your dog is to wear are well fitting and won't cause discomfort, and if you opt for a flower crown or flowers on a collar, be sure to use flowers that are safe for your dog to be near. Some popular wedding florals (such as eucalyptus) are actually toxic to dogs if consumed, so it's something to bear in mind.


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Let your guests know your dog will be at your wedding

Be sure to inform your guests that your dog will be at your wedding, both on the Save The Date cards and the actual invitations. This gives your guests plenty of advance warning - not everyone likes dogs, and some people are allergic to dogs.


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Above all else, it's important to consider the welfare of your dog. Being in an unfamiliar place with 100+ people could be very overwhelming for a dog, and it may be a better idea to just have set times for photos with your pet and for them to be left with a dogsitter at home or elsewhere.


If you don't have a dog, there are ways to include your other pets in your wedding! If you have a cat or rabbit, why not include them in your getting ready photos? If you have a horse, maybe someone could bring them to the wedding reception venue (if allowed), or ask your photographer to take some photos of you together? There are ways to incorporate your four legged friends into your special day that don't have to overwhelm them. 



Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for dogs at weddings! Are you planning to have your pet at your wedding? Let me know in the comments!


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