Our Impact

Emily's Lollies sustainabilityHere at Emily's Lollies we are driven to creating a sustainable business that leave a positive impact on our world.
This passion has come from our home lives where we have worked hard over the last few years to cut down on waste, cut out much of our plastic usage, buy from more ethical companies and support small businesses.
As Emily's Lollies is a home run business we wanted to carry over our personal sustainability goals to the business. For example using recyclable plastic free packaging and planting a tree for every order.
We believe that you should be able to have beautiful things without damaging the environment for future generations. 

No Wasteful Packaging

All our packaging is made from compostable or recyclable materials wherever possible.

  • We only use FSC certified products.
  • All stickers are recyclable and packaging tape is all paper based with eco-friendly adhesives.
  • All orders will come without an invoice, this is emailed to you instead.
  • Your order will be packed with either starch-based packaging peanuts which can be put in a home compost bin or dissolved in the sink or reused brown paper from order we receive which can be recycled.
  • All lollipop sticks are made from cardboard and wrappers are recyclable at your local soft plastic recycling centre.

We aim to phase out the use of plastic lollipop wrappers as soon as a suitable material is available that does not compromise the quality of the product.


    1 Tree Planted for Every Order

    We are proud to work with Ecologi who partner with Eden Rainforest Project to plant tree’s in Madagascar. For every website order we will plant a tree you can check out our Emily’s Lollies virtual rainforest here.


    We plant trees with Ecologi

    Renewable Energy

    Emily’s Lollies is run exclusively from our own home, this means that any eco changes we make at home have a direct impact on the business. That is why we chose to switch to a 100% renewable electricity supplier and 100% of a gas usage is offset. In the future we plan to not only phase out gas but move towards producing 100% of our own fuel onsite.
    PLEASE NOTE - Due to the ongoing energy crisis we are no longer supplied by a renewable energy company, as soon as we are able to we will be switching to as new provider.

    Support Small Businesses

    We are proud to support other small businesses and UK suppliers and will continue to do so wherever possible. We also work with our suppliers to encourage them to reduce their packaging and move away from all non-recyclable packaging.