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5 Tips for Wedding Planning from the experts

So, you’ve just got engaged…what an exciting time for you both! And so the fun begins….wedding planning! You could have been dreaming for years about pulling out your wedding planner, signing into Pinterest and searching thousands of suppliers on the internet for ideas and inspiration, or the idea of it could be really daunting and overwhelming. We have five top tips for you to help you feel not so overwhelmed by your Wedding planning, whether you have just started planning or are part way through.


So who are we and why would you listen to our advice?

 5 wedding planning tips from the experts

Complete Rose Events offers Wedding planning and event management. We guarantee to bring organisation, creativity and perfection to your Wedding or event. We have 10 years’ experience planning and managing Weddings and offer various packages to ensure you have the day you have always dreamed of.


Have an initial conversation together

 Wedding Planning Couple

Before booking venue viewings or visiting wedding fairs, have an initial conversation about your day together. So many couples I work with have a very different idea when they first start planning about how they would like their Wedding to be. Once you know the style you want, it is so much easier to stay focused on looking for inspiration, ideas, venues and suppliers for the wedding you both want. There is SO much wedding inspiration out there, you don’t want to be like a magpie with shiny things, stick to the style you have agreed on. For instance, if you have chosen an informal, field style wedding, stick to looking at what will match this theme, not beautiful stiletto heels or venues with no outside space.


Choosing your bridal party wisely

 Bridal Party Planning

When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, maid of honour, best man, groomsmen etc, choose the people who you want to be by your side during your Wedding day. Don’t feel pressured to choose certain people because you have been their bridesmaids or because they are your sister, or your partners sister.  I hear so often that they bridal party actual cause so much stress for the couple as they don’t want to wear the bridesmaids dress that has been chosen or they don’t want to plan the honeymoon – choose people who you know will support you, whatever your decision and will help relieve your stress, not cause you more!


Keep organised

 Wedding Planning Book

During your planning process, make sure you stay organised, whether this be using a planning book, excel sheets or an app. Keep a list of all of the suppliers you have booked with their name, business name and contact details, along with the dates they require payments and further information. So often I speak with couples part way through their planning, or even a few weeks before the Wedding and they cannot remember who they have booked and have to search back through old emails! You also want to avoid unexpected payments!


If you need help, get help

 Wedding Planning advice with Friends

Whether it is from one of your bridal party, your partner or a Wedding planner, make sure you ask for help if you feel like your to do list is never ending and you cannot catch a break from Wedding planning! It is also really important to talk to your partner or Wedding planner if you are feeling stressed or worried about anything to do with your Wedding day.


Your day is YOUR day!

 Tips for Wedding Planning

Remember your day is YOUR day, yours and your partners. Of course, you will want all of your friends and family to enjoy the full day, the setting, the food, the music etc but this is a day about YOU. Make sure you stick with what you have decided and how you would like your day to be. The whole planning process is part of your Wedding memory – don’t let it be a stressful one because you are worried about other people.

 5 wedding planning tips from the experts

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