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A guide to buying your wedding dress.

You’ve got the ring, set a date and put a deposit down on your dream venue. Now it’s time to find the dress. Here are a few tips from us to find your wedding dress.

Guide to buying your wedding dress

Do some research

Before you head for the boutiques and dress shops do a bit of research online. Read up on different styles and collect some images of dresses you like; we’d recommend putting together a Pinterest board for this. Choosing a few styles will make it easier for the bridal shop team to pick out dresses to try on.

Be open-minded

Even though you might have a specific style in mind, it’s a great idea to try on a few different ones, you might be surprised what you fall in love with. A lot of boutiques will also tell you that a lot of brides come in with a really set style in mind, and then not like it once they try it on.


Go in with a set budget in mind, this means it’ll be easier to decide on a dress as you’ll be looking at a set selection within a price range. Don’t try on anything out of your budget, you will only end up torturing yourself with a dress you love but can’t have. Be aware that any alterations may come in on top of the dress price!

Don’t try on too many

It may be tempting to try on every dress you have your sights on, but this could lead to confusion and make the situation stressful, and it doesn’t need to be. Most brides try on between four and seven dresses before they make a decision, and we’d recommend not trying on any more than ten in total.

Who are you taking with you?

You may want to bring along everyone with you, but sometimes too many people can make the decision a lot tougher, a bit like too many cooks spoil the broth! Everyone will have their own opinion on styles they like, but it’s your dress. So pick your shopping crew wisely.

Wear the right underwear

Yes that’s right, it’s hard to envision how your dress might look if you have on the wrong underwear! Make sure you wear nude underwear, a strapless bra is probably best if you’re trying on strapless dresses. It’s the little things that could help make the difference once you arrive at the boutique.

Have fun!

Most importantly have fun with it! Your dress forms an important part of the day and you want the experience to be a positive one. So try a few on, experiment, have fun and find the dress of your dreams!

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