Branded Corporate Lollipops by Emily’s Lollies

Branded Corporate Lollipops by Emily’s Lollies

There’s one sweet secret that can elevate your company's image and leave a lasting impression on clients and employees, corporate branded lollipops by Emily’s Lollies. Whether you're purchasing for a specific event, a treat for employees, a great edible gift for clients or simply as a goodie or freebie at an event - there's always an occasion for delicious lollipops.

Our Corporate Lollipops are becoming increasingly popular as not only do they serve as a powerful tool for brand awareness, all of our lollipops taste amazing too. In this blog post, we'll delve into what we offer for the corporate world with some valuable tips for planning your orders.

Sweeten Your Corporate Events with Branded Lollipops

So far, our Corporate Lollipops have been used at events, as favours, gifts for clients, product launches and much more. The sweet gesture adds a personalised touch to your marketing strategy.

We offer a unique and delicious range of handcrafted lollipops that can be fully personalised with your brand's logo or any other design you desire. These aren't your ordinary lollipops... We combine vibrant colours, exquisite flavours and a touch of your brand’s identity. Did you know we have over 25 different flavours: from Strawberry, Apple, Watermelon, to Pina Colada and Prosecco – there’s something for everyone.

Corporate events are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your brand's uniqueness and our delicious lollipops really are a memorable marketing tactic! We recently worked with a company who ordered branded lollipops for an exhibition. Bespoke lollipops were given away to visitors, a fantastic opportunity to get visitors to remember the brand. The feedback was incredible from our client, who even stated it helped them stand out against the competition. Lollipops are a unique form of promotional gift.

Corporate Lollipops can also be ordered for a treat for staff, to celebrate a company anniversary, or even gifted to clients. What better way to express your gratitude to staff or at team-building events.

Logo Design

Here at Emily’s Lollies we have two different options to print your company logo. Our standard print or printed icing options.

Logos can be printed on any style of lollipop. This is simply printed on top of the lollipop and this works best when the black or a dark colour so that there is a big contrast between the logo and the lollipop. We cannot print in white due to the light colour tones.

The other option is to use printed icing. This means you logo is printed on a white sheet of icing, which is then delicately placed on top of the lollipop. This option is easy to get a high contrast and we can print almost any image. This works particularly well for printing QR codes – a great way to provide further information for clients at exhibitions or trade shows.

Top Tips For Ordering

To ensure you receive your custom lollipops in time for your event, please note that all orders should be placed at least four weeks in advance. This lead time allows us to create the perfect lollipops, incorporating your branding elements with precision. For any large orders, we will create a mock-up of the logo design too. Planning ahead, we do accept advanced orders as this will help you secure your spot in our production schedule.

Our Corporate Luxury Lollipops are the perfect tool for enhancing brand recognition, creating memorable experiences, and engaging your audience at corporate events. Contact us today to discuss your order and make your branding deliciously unforgettable. Drop us an email to receive a copy of our Corporate Enquiry Book at 

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