Wedding Lollipop Favour Making kit

Guide to make your own wedding favour lollipops

Edible flavours have become increasingly popular over the years and it's no surprise, with couples wanting to make the most of their budget and reduce waste many are re-evaluating favours as in the past many have been left behind at the end of the celebrations.

If this is you and you want to guarantee that nothing goes to waste edible favours are the answer, I guarantee for the few guests that choose not to eat them others will swoop them up before anyone notices! I have had many customers say that on the day guests where going around hoarding any unattended lollies!

Viola lollipop making kit lollies

But what if your on a tight budget or a keen DIY bride? I have spent months creating the first ever make your own wedding favour lollipop kits with no fiddly thermometers required. Simply heat, pour and decorate.

Wedding Favour Lollipop Making Kit Box and Contents

Stored in the correct conditions the lollies also have a best before date of 6 months once made so no last minute favour making, because trust me you will have enough to do the week before your wedding!

Heart Shaped lollipop wedding favours with edible violas

What will your kit contain?

- Lollipop Mould in either round or heart shape

- Paper lollipop sticks and Cellophane bags 

- Clear lollipop mix (this can be coloured with your own food colouring)

- High quality strawberry flavouring

- Your choice of edible rose petals or violas

And of course full instructions

Wedding Lollipop making kit

Why not give it a go and hand make beautiful lollipops for your guests that they will love with your own Wedding Favour Lollipop Making Kit and let us know how you get on we love seeing photos!

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