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Postponing your wedding due to Covid-19? Some things to consider...

For many couples, the decision of having to postpone their wedding has been taken out of their hands, as we went into full Coronavirus lockdown back in March. For others with weddings later on in the year there is still a lot of uncertainty looming, should you postpone? Or hope that your wedding day can go ahead as close to planned as possible?

If you have made the decision to postpone, here are a few top tips from us to make it as smooth as possible.

Allow yourself to be disappointed

I always advocate for positivity, but having to postpone your big day really sucks, so allow yourself to feel disappointed. You've spent a lot of time (and money) planning for your wedding so pushing the date back even further can be a bitter pill to swallow. But once you've felt rubbish, and maybe had a little cry, pick yourself up and look forward, because no matter when your wedding will be, it's going to be amazing!

Postponing due to Covid Pandemic

Review your wedding insurance

You need to know where you stand with your venue and suppliers, so before contacting them, contact your wedding insurers to see what is covered and what isn't. It'll make everything else a lot easier to sort out if you know what your entitled to.

Postponing wedding reviewing insurance

Make a checklist and contact your suppliers

Once you have made the decision to postpone, make a checklist of all your suppliers, their contact details and tick off as you contact each one. It's important to keep everything in one place so that you know exactly what stage you're at in terms of contacting everyone. You should contact your venue and suppliers first, before your guests, so that you can start pinning down a new date.

Postponing wedding during corona virus

Contact your guests

If you're pushing your wedding back by a year, then most, if not all of your guests should be able to make your new date, but be prepared for some to have other weddings, events or holidays booked in their diaries. Sending out your invitations the first time is expensive enough, so don't feel pressure to send them out again. Instead email, telephone or send a message on social media. Your guests will understand the situation (we're all in the same boat!). Once you get closer to your new date you can send out more details, but the most important thing is to let your guests know you've postponed, and the new date you have set your wedding for.

Postponing wedding for corona virus

Celebrate the day

Just because you've postponed your wedding, it doesn't mean you can't celebrate on what was supposed to be your big day! Whether you just keep it low key with your fiance, or get your close friends or family involved, virtually or socially distanced, make something of your original wedding date!

Postponing wedding because of covid

Having to postpone your wedding is something you would never have envisioned, but stay positive and take it all in your stride. Your family and friends will support and understand your decision. Don't forget to read my other wedding planning blog posts for lots of ideas and top tips!

Have you had to postpone your big day? Tell me your top tips in the comments below!


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