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Stylish Groom Outfit Ideas

Are you looking for some inspiration for a grooms outfit? I've brought together some of the best modern stylish groom outfit ideas to inspire you.  If you need groom style ideas, read on! 


What should a groom wear on his wedding day? Whatever he blooming well wants! Your wedding day should reflect who you are, not some fake version of you, so if morning suits and top hats aren't your thing, don't wear that. Here are some ideas for alternative groom attire, for those who want something a bit more unique. 



If you love colour, why not team a subtle colour jacket with a stronger colour trousers? Perfect alternative to grey or navy. Mix and match groom style is perfect for a relaxed summer wedding, as seen here! Suits from @slatermenswear Photo by @foyetography_weddings.



If you don't fancy a suit at all, why not go for a more relaxed retro vibe? Here the groom is wearing jeans and a shirt - nothing too formal! As above, it's your wedding day so there are no rules on what you should wear. Photo by the amazing kirstymackenziephotography from a recent tipi wedding shoot. Get more tipi wedding inspiration here




For yet more unique groom style ideas, what about teaming a dark shirt, dark waistcoat and dark jeans? This was from a styled shoot with a biker theme - I love how edgy it is! Photography by Becky Wright Wedding Photography 




For a more elegant but still relaxed look, why not try a soft grey suit? You don't need to have formal ties, cravats or bow ties, and a tailored suit always looks good. Photo by 



If you are planning a rustic wedding, textured fabrics can work really well and add personality to your outfit. Check out these wedding suits from Rebel Menswear - timeless and elegant but still with enough character. Photo by Alicia Eden Photography. See more of this shoot here



For more of a classic, elegant vibe, check out this grooms outfit from The Cotswold Tailor. It's a classic suit combination given a modern twist with the fabric choice. The coloured waistcoat is a lovely touch, and in these strange pandemic times it's important to match your mask to your outfit! Suit from The Cotswold Tailor, photo by Cee Cee Photography



I hope this post has given you some wedding suit inspiration and stylish groom outfit ideas. There are no rules, so find an outfit that suits your style. What do you think? Are you team classic or team alternative? 

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