The Latest Wedding Predictions For 2024

The Latest Wedding Predictions For 2024

Hello and welcome back! Ok, I can’t believe we’re approaching December – the festive months are nearly upon us. As we eagerly await the arrival of 2024, soon-to-be brides and grooms can finally say “I’m getting married this year!”. The countdown to your special day is well underway.

Talking of excitement, I can’t wait to share this month’s blog post sharing Emily’s Lollies wedding predictions for 2024! Couples are seeking more unique and personalised experiences for their special day. From alternate wedding venues to incredible dining experiences and delicious treats for guests, let's explore the top wedding trends and predictions for couples tying the knot in 2024.

Colour Palettes

The UK wedding industry is expecting to see more daring colours for 2024 weddings! We’re talking vibrant, deep, bold tones, maybe even disco-inspired themes. Whilst the timeless allure of pretty pastels and neutrals will always remain a favourite choice, add in a deeper, bolder colour to make your wedding design stand out!

Wedding Venues

Couples are seeking more unique and unconventional wedding venues. While traditional churches, beautiful stately homes and marquees remain classic choices, couples are increasingly drawn to non-traditional venues such as botanical gardens, historic libraries, and even art galleries.


Couples want to make their guests an integral part of the celebration and include them as much as possible. Couples are opting for personalised wedding favours that go beyond the ordinary, by incorporating each guest's name into the gift. All of our Wedding Favour Lollipops can be personalised with your guest name, and double up as a name card too. Each guest can feel loved, included in the wedding celebrations and of course enjoy a delicious treat too.

Dining Experiences

When it comes to the wedding breakfast, 2024 is all about embracing diverse culinary experiences. Food stations are gaining popularity and delicious dessert stations are. Food stations allow guests to ‘pick and choose’ their meals and savour the variety of different flavours. Grazing tables is a new and modern wedding trend instead of your standard buffet. We love the idea of adding a mixture of sweet and savoury dishes.


More and more couples are seeking interactive experiences. Couples are opting for live entertainment that gets guests involved. Couples are also exploring themed weddings that reflect their personalities and interests, creating a memorable experience for all guests. Many of our couples opt for a His & Her flavoured lollipop, Strawberry or Prosecco for the ladies and Lemon or Gin for the gents.


Couples are becoming increasingly mindful of the environmental impact within the events and wedding industry. Therefore, we’re starting to see a real shift in couples opting for eco-friendly choices throughout the wedding planning process. Many couples choose locally sourced, organic ingredients to reduce their carbon footprint as well as choosing eco-friendly and energy-efficient wedding venues. 

Wedding Favours

One trend that is becoming more and more popular each year is the choice of edible wedding favours. And, guess what? You’re in just the right place to browse our Wedding Lollipops. Add a unique and delicious touch to your special day with our personalised and edible wedding favours. 

As we come to the end of our Wedding predictions for 2024, one thing is clear – couples are embracing creativity, individuality, and sustainability. We can’t wait to work with all of you lovely couples soon and wish you all the best during your wedding plans. 

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Photo 1, Red Florals: @amifordweddings & @buttercupanddaisies 

Photo 2, Floral Arch & Disco Balls: Pinterest, @weddingchicks

Photo 4 & 5: @flashback_images_ at @thebarnatalswick 

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