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Is it ok to have an alcohol free wedding?

There are many reasons why you might consider not serving alcohol at your wedding, religious, cultural, moral or you might just not enjoy being in the company of those who are under the influence.

Whatever the reason, it is most definitely ok to choose not to serve alcohol at your wedding, your family and friends may initially grumble at the thought of having to get through a wedding without a drink but at the end of the day they just want to share with you your special day.

Alcohol Free Wedding


What to serve at a wedding instead of alcohol?

There are many alternatives to serving alcohol at your wedding and by cutting out the alcoholic choices you are opening up an amazing array of none alcoholic options. There are thousands of amazing Mocktails to serve during your drinks reception or cocktail hour, chat to your bar about your likes and dislikes, not forgetting the season and they will be sure to create something amazing.

You may be worried about the speeches and toasts but i highly recommend serving elderflower fizz or something similar.

Any good bar will be able to come up with a wide range of interesting alcohol free alternatives that you and your guests will enjoy!

 Alcohol Free Wedding

How to make an alcohol free wedding fun?

You do not need alcohol in order to have a fun and memorable wedding day although you need to put a little more thought into entertainment if you aren't relying on alcohol giving people the confidence to dance and generally make a foul of themselves.

I'd highly recommend making sure your band or DJ is engaging and skilled at motivating people to dance and is good at reading the room. Another great entertainment option that is soaring in popularity is singing waiters.

You might also want to consider hiring games or a casino to give extra entertainment.

Also look at ways you can serve food that means your guests are interacting with each other like grazing tables, sweet carts (don't forget to add in some lollies!), pizza oven or an ice cream van.

Alcohol Free Wedding

If you need more tips on planning your wedding check out my tips here.

The majority of my lollies are alcohol free so please contact me to discuss.

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