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How to keep children entertained at your wedding

Weddings are a wonderful time to rejoice the joining of two families. And what better way to celebrate this than creating an uber-fun day that children can join in with. If you are planning on having a child-friendly big day, here are some tips that can make families feel welcome and help parents keep their children entertained in what will be a day to remember!

  • Set up an arts and crafts table – This is an easy way to give children something to do. Simply set up a table with some colouring and arty activities, this can keep them entertained during the speeches. Maybe set out DIY Paper Doll chains in the shapes of brides/grooms, beads and colourful ribbon to make jewellery, or even some bowls with Lego.

Children's Activity Packs for Wedding

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  • Cake decorating – Having a DIY cupcake decorating table (or indeed biscuits or other baked good) can help to entertain children during the meal when things are moving at a slower pace than some children may enjoy! 

Cupcake decorating children's wedding activity

  • Games – Depending on the season, a selection of either indoor or outdoor games can be a great way for children to have fun during the day. Whether it’s Swingball in the sun or Twister inside the venue, being prepared with a few games can definitely help to make all guests, little and big, feel included in your big day

Children's Wedding Entertainment games

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  • Treasure hunts – One interactive activity you could set up, is a kind of treasure/scavenger hunt. With different clues dotted around your venue and a treat for each of the children at the end, this can be an entertaining ice-breaker to introduce the children to one another and encourage them to play together

Children's Activity Treasure Hunt Activity Sheet

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  • Have a designated time for kid-friendly music on the dancefloor– weddings should be a fun day for everybody, and while you obviously don’t need to revolve the whole evening music vibe around Trollz, it’s a nice touch for families to feel included in the fun throughout the day. This is especially as, often children will be leaving the wedding earlier in the night, so this is a nice way for them to enjoy all parts of the party
  • Kids Corner/Nanny - if your wedding is set to be big family affair, (maybe not quite à la Mary J Blige but still!) then you may want to consider hiring a nanny to watch over the children so the parents can relax and enjoy themselves. A nice way of doing this is setting up a kids corner, I love these Tipi's.

Wedding Tipi's for Children's Corner

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Are you having children at your wedding? How are you keeping them entertained?

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