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Wedding Dress Shopping During a Pandemic

Weddings have been hit HARD by the Coronavirus outbreak. You may have had to postpone your wedding, change plans, cut your guest list, prioritise, plan differently... the list seems to be endless.

But if you haven't had a chance to choose your wedding dress you might be worried about whether you can have an appointment, how it will be different and you may also be worried that it just 'won't be the same'.

But do not fear! Yes there will be extra precautions in place to keep you and everyone else safe but a good bridal boutique will still provide you with an amazing memorable experience you will cherish forever!

Wedding dress shopping during covid pandemic

Here are some thing to be aware of when shopping for your wedding dress during the Covid Pandemic.

1. Always make an appointment! Most bridal shops are appointment only anyway but most will be running an even stricter diary with time for cleaning. Boutiques are also asking that you do not arrive early or late so that the last appointment has left and the shop has been cleaned before you arrive.

Bridal Dress Shopping Appointment during a pandemic

2. The staff still want to make your experience as magical as always, they are there to help and will guide you through the whole process, they know you've probably never done this before and that you might be more nervous or worried.

3. You will be asked to wear a mask, wash your hands/use hand gel, some may ask you to wear gloves as well. It may feel weird and unnatural but its to keep everyone safe. I would recommend taking your own mask you feel comfortable in and even treating yourself to a pretty one (maybe with a touch of sparkle or lace?!), if your gonna have to cover your beautiful smile, why not do it in style!

Lace face mask for Wedding Dress shopping in pandemic

Oh My Guard - Etsy

4. Check beforehand the rules of how many guests you can bring with you, the amount will vary depending on the size of the boutique. Why not invite other guests to join you virtually via Facetime/Zoom, please check this is ok with the boutique beforehand and remember sometimes more is not merrier!

5. You may not be offered refreshments but ask if you can bring your own, wedding dress shopping is thirsty work!

Wedding dress shopping cocktails


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How was your wedding dress shopping experience?

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